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Frozen Crayfish Tails (1kg)

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Spiny rock lobster or crayfish are found throughout New Zealand and Chatham Islands’ coastal waters. Get yours at Wildfish.

 Our frozen crayfish tails are A/B Grade (114-227g per tail) and can be defrosted and enjoyed whenever you wish!


Please note our Crayfish tails will ship separately to fresh fish. 

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Crayfish tails are fantastic for cooking, offering rich flavour and versatility for different dishes. Whether used in soups, pasta, or as a standalone dish, our frozen crayfish tails are ideal for any occasion. Discover why they're a New Zealand favourite.

Convenient to prepare

Our frozen crayfish tails are convenient for cooking
enthusiasts who may not have access to fresh crayfish or want a quick and easy meal.

A/B Grade

Wildfish only offers A-Grade and B-Grade crayfish tails, ensuring you get crayfish tails that are intact or with minimal to no defects.

We deliver to your door.

Wildfish makes ordering seafood easy and convenient. We can deliver you frozen crayfish tails the next day so you can have them on hand for a seafood feast. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders 2kg and over.


Craving seafood or planning a quick family meal? Wildfish has the solution for you. We provide access to a diverse range of delicious seafood, allowing you to cook it at home whenever you like! Enjoy quality seafood delivered straight to your door. For more seafood products, browse our fresh fish menu. You can also contact us to check if your favourite fish or seafood is in stock!