Wildfish Frozen Scallops

Frozen Scallops

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Our frozen scallops are beautifully tender and juicy. They are extremely versatile and easy to cook, requiring just a quick flash in the pan. 

Our Scallops are pre-shucked, so they are ready to cook at home, packed in 500g vacuum-packed bags to ensure freshness and quality.

Please note: Our frozen scallops will ship separately to any fresh fish.

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Just because our scallops are frozen does not mean they are not fresh. Quite the contrary! Our scallops are harvested and frozen at the peak of their freshness to retain that ocean-to-table flavour you love, so you know we are not compromising taste and quality.

Incredibly easy to prepare

Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, our frozen scallops are incredibly easy to prepare. Simply thaw and cook!

Add to many dishes

Our frozen scallops allow for versatile menu options. From savoury scallop pasta to succulent pan-seared scallops, you can cook just about any meal you desire.

 Sustainably sourced

We are committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing practices, partnering with a select team of fishermen, ensuring you enjoy your seafood guilt-free!

We deliver to your door.

Wildfish makes ordering fresh seafood easy and convenient. We can deliver you frozen scallops the next day so you can have them on hand for a seafood feast. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders 2kg and over.


Discover the convenience, quality, and culinary adventure our frozen scallops bring to your
table. If you are interested in more frozen products, browse our fresh fish menu. You can also contact us to know if your favourite fish or seafood is in stock!

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