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Fresh Kina (Sea Urchin) Roe 150g pot

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A prized delicacy, our fresh Kina roe is hand-caught in Bluff. Smooth, buttery and rich, you can eat it raw or use it in your seafood dishes. 

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Our kina roe is caught fresh from New Zealand waters. Whether you enjoy it raw or want to incorporate it into your favourite seafood dishes, Wildfish brings you a culinary delight like no other. Here are reasons to try our fresh kina:

Nutrient Rich

Looking for delectable seafood full of nutrients? Fresh Kina contains antioxidants and B-complex vitamins that provide vision protection and immune system support. Moreover, its high protein content makes it an excellent choice for muscle-building and repair.

Low in Calories and Fat

Kina roe is a great option for those seeking healthy yet delicious seafood. A 100g portion contains only 172 calories and minimal fat, most of which is unsaturated.

Versatile for Cooking

Kina roe's versatility in cooking makes it a popular choice among culinary enthusiasts and chefs. It is commonly used in sushi and seafood dishes. You can also eat it as is, making it a sought-after
shellfish ingredient. Wildfish offers conveniently packed fresh kina roe in 150g, so you can enjoy it without hassle!


Our fresh Kina roe is renowned for its superior taste and texture. Order yours at Wildish today to elevate your dishes with buttery richness. We ensure a direct and sustainable supply, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity. For more seafood products, browse our fresh fish menu. You can also contact us to check if your favourite fish, shellfish, or seafood is in stock!